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Metamorphosis Treatment

Metamorphosis heals at the most primary level, that of the principle of life within us. Metamorphosis does not “cure”; it enables us to create a different attitude towards life, and it is this, which alters our troubles, we cease to create illness. The founder of Metamorphosis, Robert St. John, realized that the patterns of tension in the world never really change. We cure one illness, we create another. We end one war or conflict and we start another. Robert St. John simple perspective that explains why there is dis-ease, conflict and disharmony in us and the world around us.
Metamorphosis is a letting go of tension and old ways of looking at healing, conflict and relationships. It is a simple approach to understanding that we are infused with a level of tension at the moment of conception. This creates a level of unconscious tension thats with you in life. The thinking is that this tension is unconscious and is your primary level of tension. Your experiences; living in the womb, your birth experience, your childhood, etc. are the secondary patterns of tension. The reason is, your ability to cope with the external world, even in the womb, is based on how much tension is held in your body. Those with more tension react to life. Those with less tension have the opportunity to make choices in how they respond to life.
This underlying tension is what creates the patterns of tension that we view as negative personality traits, symptoms of all sorts, our issues, conflicts, etc. When you hear someone refer to another as very reactive, they are experiencing the level of tension within that person. The reaction is unconscious and compulsive and the ability to choose to act differently isn’t there, until the tension eases.

Spiritual Life Coach

What Is A Spiritual Life Coach?

A spiritual life coach is a coach that helps you change your life by changing the way you operate on a deeper level. Rather than just examining your behaviors, habits, and goals, they delve into your deep rooted beliefs and your connection to the divine. They show you how to work with the laws of the universe to get what you actually want out of life instead of just accepting whatever comes your way. Spiritual life coaches are people who live by spiritual principles and not the just every day logic and societal conventions. They know how to make miracles happen, and they help others live happy, fulfilling lives based on the practices that have worked for them. Many people might confuse spiritual coaches with religious leaders, but these are two very different things. You don’t have to be religious to work with a spiritual life coach – you just have to be open to deepening your connection with the nonphysical part of yourself, your soul. Understanding yourself and your world around you from a spiritual perspective can help you lead a more meaningful life. You may discover that you have a profound purpose and that all of the events in your life have been orchestrated to bring you to your true path. Working with a spiritual life coach can reveal your life purpose to you and help you clear out any energetic blocks to living the life that you were always meant to live. A spiritual life coach can help you find who you really are and heal your old wounds so that you can move into a better, brighter future.


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